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  Basic Drill



Position of attention - The following points should be noted about the position of attention:

Heels together and in line
Feet turned out at an angle of about 45
Knees braced back
Body erect, shoulders level and square to the front
Arms braced straight down at the side, wrists straight, elbows pressed in to the side
Palms of the hands turned towards the thighs, fingers clenched at the first and second knuckle
Fingers touching the thigh lightly, thumb close to the forefinger and in line with the seam of the trousers / skirt
Head erect and looking straight to the front

Standing 'at-Ease' - The following points apply to the position of "At Ease":

Keeping the legs straight, the left foot is forced 30 to 35 cm to the left, so that the weight of the body rests equally on both feet.

At the same time, the hands are smartly clasped behind the back with the back of the right hand in the palm of the left hand (with the fingers straight and together) grasping it lightly with the fingers and thumb and the arms braced to their full extent.

Standing Easy

Scouts are permitted to move their limbs, but are not to move their feet, so that on coming to attention there will be no loss of dressing.
When Scouts standing easy, receive a cautionary order, such as "Troop" "Patrol" etc., they will assume the position of "Stand at Ease".


Dressing a Squad

With intervals

'By the right (or left) - Dress'
Each Scout, except the one on the named flank, looks towards his right (or left) with a smart turn of the head. At the same time the Scouts in the front rank extend their right (or left) arm horizontally, back of the hand uppermost and fist clenched.
Every Scout, except the right or left hand one, dwells a pause of two marching paces and then moves with side closing paces left/right to take up his dressing in line. When he/she is in the correct position, his/her knuckles should be in the same vertical line as the shoulder of the Scout on his/her right (or left).
He/she should just be able to distinguish the lower part of the face of the second Scout from him/her.
When dressing is complete each Scout, in succession, from the directing flank turns his/her head smartly to the front and brings his/her arm to the side and resumes the position of attention.

 Dressing without intervals

'Without intervals by the right (or left) - Dress'
At the order each Scout closes in until he/she is approximately 5cm clear of the Scout on his/her right (or left).

Dressing a squad in three ranks
Ranks take up their dressing as above, with the exception that the Scouts in the centre and rear ranks do not raise their arms but must cover off the front rank. If a troop is fallen in without intervals, arms are not raised.


'By numbers to the front - Salute'
 Raise the right hand smartly, by the shortest route, the palm of the hand being inclined slightly downwards, so that the eyes on glancing up can see the inside of the palm, the thumb and fingers being close together, elbow in line with the shoulder, hand and forearm in line, fingers touching the rim of the cap or peak over the right eye.

(When halted, the time for remaining at the salute is two marching paces, i.e. 1 second.)

Cut the right hand smartly to the side.

Dismissing, Falling Out & Falling In

'Dis - Miss'
The troop turns to the right, unless other wise ordered, dwells a pause of 2 marching paces, and breaks off. If on shore they leave the parade ground at the double.

'Fall - Out'
Front rank Scouts come to attention, take 1 pace forward and double away to carry out previous orders.
Centre rank Scouts take a pace to the right with the right foot and carry the left foot forward to take two paces forward through the openings in the front rank.
Rear rank Scouts take a pace to the rear, turn right or left and double round the squad to the front by the shortest route.

'Fall - In'
Front rank Scouts halt one pace in front of the position that they are to take up, turn about, take one pace to the rear and pick up dressing.

Centre rank Scouts halt one pace in front of the openings through which they are to pass, turn about and take two paces to the rear, commencing with the left foot and carrying the left foot off to the left for a side pace on completion. They then pick up their dressing.

Rear rank Scouts halt one pace in rear of the positions that they are to take up, facing a flank, turn to face their positions, take one pace forward and pick up their dressing.

*NB When in 2 ranks, the drill is the same as for the front and rear ranks.