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          The Pulling Boat

          Pulling Orders


          Sight your Oars

          Ship Crutches

          Oars Up / Toss Oars

          Let go for’ard / aft

          In fenders

          Shove off for’ard

          Shove off aft

          Out Oars

          Stand by to give way

          Give way together

          Mind your Oars

          Hold Water                   


          Back Water

          Easy All 

          Eyes in the boat

          Trail Oars                     




          Gunwale oars

          Boat Oars



Check oars & crutches ready for shipping

Place crutch in crutch plate and tie on lanyard

Oars brought smartly to the vertical position, grip between feet, blades feathered

Bow & stroke let go

Lift fenders into the boat

Bow pushes away from the mooring

Stroke pushes away from the mooring

Place oars in crutches, blades feathered, ready to pull

Lean forward, arms & back straight, blades out of water

Start pulling, following Stroke

Keep clear of obstruction – OBEY IMMEDIATELY!

Hold or drop blades into the water at right angles to the surface – OBEY IMMEDIATELY!

Push on the oars to make boat go in reverse.

Reduce pulling rate to slow down / turn

Pay attention. You should always look astern, not at your oar

Trail oars alongside the boat, passing the loom over your head & leaving the blade in the water. Used in restricted spaces.

Finish the stroke, complete one further stroke, stop pulling. Sit squarely & upright, oar parallel to the water, blade feathered

 Rest oar athwart the boat & rest on the loom

 Oars placed neatly in the boat, looms forward in the centre